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Day Treatment Program

Edgewater Health’s day treatment programs provide a structured educational environment alongside of mental health services, Monday-Friday from 8 am – 3 pm, year-round. Students receive 3 hours of educational instruction and 3 hours of therapeutic activities, as well as individual therapy and case management. Parents receive individual therapy, family counseling, and parent education.

The day treatment program is designed to serve children diagnosed with serious emotional disorders, behavioral problems, and mental health needs in a more structured setting. Children and youth with complex needs will be able to remain with their families in their communities and continue learning while receiving intensive mental health treatment.

Our staff includes a child psychiatrist, therapists, case manager, nurse, certified special education teacher, teacher aide, and program manager who will work together to ensure every child receives the care and attention he or she deserves.

Program Components

Our program consists of:

  • Individual, group and family therapy and psychological services
  • Diagnostic/substance abuse assessments
  • Medical evaluation/medication monitoring
  • Case management and resource referral
  • Behavior modification/management
  • Identification of student’s unique learning style; personalized educational plans
  • Independent living skills and anger management, conflict resolution
  • All students are eligible from ALL school systems in Lake County, Indiana

Three Phrases

Length of Program: 6 to 9 Months

Phase I: 3 months

Phase II: 3 months

Phase III: Transition to school up to 3 months

A level system will also be implemented.


The mission of the day treatment program is to provide quality, individualized mental health service in an emotionally supportive, physically safe, and culturally sensitive environment in collaboration with parents, caregivers, schools, and community. We want to ensure that children and families of Lake County may achieve their full human potential.


Our philosophy is that all students can learn at high levels with appropriate support. Student success is central to the management of learning. We work with the whole student — personal, social, emotional, intellectual, life skills, safety, and security — to achieve success. Individual learning differences are recognized and embraced. We provide trauma focused care. Many students have experienced life events which impact their ability to learn. Our program is sensitive to student and family needs.


Our goals are:

  • To provide a safe, caring and orderly learning environment for every student
  • Increase student achievement as measured by state and local accountability requirements
  • Increase parental involvement and input
  • Reduce dropout, suspension, expulsion rates
  • Increase student attendance and graduation rates
  • Improve student-peer relations; self-regulation in a school like setting
  • Provide a learning environment addressing student’s unique emotional and behavior needs
  • Teach students how to take responsibility for their actions and treat others with respect

Admission Criteria, Placement, and Transition

The Day Treatment program specializes in working with individuals between the ages of 8-18 who require a more intensive therapeutic environment than outpatient treatment provides. We specialize in helping:

  • Those at risk for truancy, academic failure, and/or suspended, expelled, or who have dropped out
  • Those with emotional and/or behavioral problems and/or at risk of participation in juvenile justice
  • Those who are returning from psychiatric hospitalization and/or a juvenile justice facility
  • Those whose learning styles are better served in an alternative setting
  • Those who meet DSM-IV TR criteria with a level of need of 4 or 5
  • A case conference will occur with referral source and therapeutic team to discuss admission to the program. The staff will work with all relevant parties to develop a transition plan for returning to home school, which will take into account the student’s ability to comply with a change in placement.

Parent Involvement/Responsibility

  • Parents are expected to participate in the student’s programming, through family therapy in the home and monthly family nights.
  • Parent involvement is key to student success!

Dress Code and Meals

  • All enrolled students are expected to adhere to the dress code of khaki or black pants.
  • Students are allowed to wear polo shirts from their home school.
  • Students are expected to wear black shoes or gym shoes.
  • Students will be provided breakfast and lunch.

Referral Process

The program welcomes referrals from social service agencies, clergy, school systems, insurance companies, court systems, probation/parole agents, independent counselors, physicians, hospitals, and case managers. All information is held in the strictest confidence and only released with the written consent of the consumer, except when required by law.

All referrals should be made to the program manager at 219.359.3300 or 219.885.4264 x 2328.

All referrals will be assessed within 48 hours of referral call and receipt.

Contact Us

1100 W 6th Avenue
Gary, IN 46402

7:30 am – 4:00 pm