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Experience Touchless Edgewater Health

Behavioral Health & Primary Care in Gary, Indiana

Integrated Health Model

One in 25 adults in the U.S. will experience a mental illness that interferes with or limits their daily activities. This can have a devastating impact on physical health.

Though we believe the two are connected, we are happy to serve patients who need only primary care. We are also able to see patients for behavioral healthcare who may not need our primary care services or who may be receiving primary care from another provider.

The Mission That Inspires Us

Our mission is to provide comprehensive physical and behavioral healthcare services for individuals and their families in northwest Indiana. Culturally competent care specifically developed for each patient will help achieve goals and improve outcomes. In improving the lives of individuals, we hope to create a ripple effect that will contribute to the quality of life and overall health of our entire community.

The Vision that Drives Us

Edgewater Health is eternally optimistic about the health of the people we serve. Our vision is to continue to develop and deliver the best quality behavioral and physical healthcare. This includes the development of evidence-based treatment tactics specifically for African American and Hispanic populations, an initiative for better health across communities, and the delivery of services that will positively impact our patients.

The Values that Guide Us

As we come to work each day, a certain set of values are at the forefront of all we do. We are dedicated to:


We address patient and colleague needs with understanding, compassion, and sensitivity


We treat each other and all we serve with dignity and professionalism


Our facilities will be clean, safe, friendly, and organized


We consider it our duty to take good care of our human, financial, and organizational resources


Edgewater Health sees a diverse and evolving population of people and conditions; we are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of community across all aspects of our organization

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