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Primary care plus behavioral health services.

At Edgewater Health, we know the importance of good health in both mind and body. We are pleased to offer both Primary Care and Behavioral Health services.

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Our scope of care has broadened, and we are pleased to have a name that complements this change

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Edgewater Health is your partner for high quality, compassionate primary care and behavioral health services
At Edgewater Health, it is important to us to close the loop between physical and behavioral health. Our mission reflects a proactive approach to addressing all aspects of health—both behavioral and physical. We recognize that caring for the “whole person” is the key to being healthy and staying healthy.



May 9, 2018

What to do (and what to avoid) when helping a loved one with anxiety “Walk a mile in their shoes” is a common adage urging people to put themselves in others’ positions. But this is far more easily said than done—especially if you’re dealing with someone who has an anxiety disorder. After all, there’s a […]

May 1, 2018

Skip the stigmas, and stick to the facts. We’ve come a long way in the history of mental healthcare. Only 100 years ago, someone suffering from mental illness would be subjected to treatment that we would consider nothing short of barbaric. And while we’re miles away from Bedlam in terms of how we treat mental […]

April 11, 2018

Because you already know it’s good for your health. It’s common knowledge that exercise is good for you. It helps you maintain a healthy weight. It’s good for your heart. It’s good for your mind, too. We know all this and yet, some of us still can’t seem to get motivated. So instead of a […]



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