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Beat the Blues for a Holly Jolly Holiday Season

December 19, 2017

Whether you’re decking the halls, spinning the dreidel, or lighting the kinara, this is a busy time of year for most families. While the holiday season is usually a joyous time, for some the hustle and bustle can lead to stress and anxiety also known as the “holiday blues.” When sadness feels like more than just the blues, pay close attention to your symptoms.

What to watch for

It’s important to recognize when the holiday blues may be something more serious. If you or a loved one’s symptoms are interfering with normal activities, then it’s time to seek help. Some things to watch for include:

  • Feelings of depression
  • Loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities
  • Significant weight gain or loss
  • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping more than usual
  • Lack of energy
  • Difficulty concentrating

Bye-bye blues

Holiday blues are not inevitable. You can take steps to keep your spirits high this season. Some tips include:

  • Limit your alcohol intake to one or two drinks. Excessive drinking can affect your mood and make any negative feelings that you may have even worse.
  • Go to bed at a specific time each night and get plenty of sleep. Being well-rested can improve your mood and give you energy to get through busy days.
  • Take time for yourself. Overscheduling can make you feel overwhelmed. Learn how to say “no,” and stick with your decision.
  • Get moving. Plug in your headphones and take a quick walk. Just 10 minutes of walking will get your heart rate up and release mood-boosting endorphins.
  • Don’t eat too much. Before heading out to gatherings, fill up on veggies or bring some with you to snack on. Nobody feels good with an overly full belly, which can affect your mood and overall well-being.

If you’re experiencing feelings of sadness or anxiety that won’t go away, talk to your doctor or mental health professional at Edgewater Health right away by calling 219-885-4264.